Andy Parker
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Andy Parker
BD - 2 22"x16" Evans EMAD

Toms - 12", 14", 16", 18"
Top: Evans G2
Bottom: Evans G2 resonant

Custom 14”x8” steel by Jim Beier
Evans reverse dot batter
Evans Hazy snare head with Puresound snare

BD-Pedals: Dixon Kinde

Cymbals - Paiste 2002
14" soundedge hi-hat
22" medium ride
20" medium crash
20" crash
18" crash
18" medium crash
16" crash
11" splash

Sticks - Promark signature hickory

6.5 x 14 birch snare in Jacobean oak finish, hand made by Andrew Street of Liberty Drums.
This is probably the loudest and best sounding wooden snare drum that I have ever played.
The perfect companion to my Beier steel snare!

Andy Parker
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